The team

Discover the passionate members of our team who work all year long to offer you high-quality events around accordions and music.


Kathéry Couillard, Administrative Director

Telephone: 1-418-248-7927, ext. 5



Kathery Couillard


Steve Normandin, Artistic Director




Aurélie Chassac, Project manager for cultural events

Telephone : 1-418-248-7927, ext. 2

Email :



Sarah Bernier, Administrative and Accounting Technician

Telephone : 1-418-248-7927, ext. 4




Françane B. Bertrand, Communication agent

téléphone : 1-418-248-7927, ext. 3

courriel :




Our administrators

Julie Rousseau, President

Patrick Morency, Vice-president

Valérie Lebel, Secretary-treasurer

Rémi Biron, Administrator

Yann Texier, Administrator

Marie-Eve Lamonde, Administrator

Vicky Vézina, Administrator

Louis-Dominic Manuel, Administrator

Hamilton Cidade, Administrator

Me Michelle Bernard, Councelor, Montmagny